Who we are

The Indian Jewish Association of Australia and New Zealand Inc. (IJAANZ) was incorporated in May 2021.

Our aim is to create awareness, recognition and a deeper understanding among a wider audience of the Jewish communities who lived peacefully and flourished on the Indian sub-continent for 1,800 years without persecution.

Little is known about the rich art, culture and heritage of the five Indian Jewish communities – the Cochini, Bene Israel, Baghdadi, B’nei Menashe and Bene Ephraim – in Australia and New Zealand. Even less is known of the generosity of the people on the Indian sub-continent that enabled them to assimilate and thrive.

Our purpose is to instil in younger generations a confidence and pride in their rich heritage. Our message is one of tolerance and inclusivity.

What we do

The Indian Jewish Association of Australia & New Zealand will:

  • Organise travelling exhibitions.
  • Collect and display artefacts and memorabilia.  
  • Arrange talks and interviews with local and visiting artists, authors and historians.
  • Partner with other organisations on local initiatives.
  • Offer a platform for community members to network.

Name: Indian Jewish Association of Australia & New Zealand Inc.

ABN: 67209271855
Victorian Registration: A0112729D

Address: 27 McDonald Road, Epping VIC 3076 Australia

Rabbinical Guides

Rabbi George Mordecai (Progressive), Sydney, Australia


Chair: Yoel Samson

Secretary: Nathan Elijah

Treasurer: Arthur (Michael) Foxen

President (Sydney): Angelica Jacob

Committee Members

  • Solomon Erulkar
  • Samuel Mordechai
  • Joshua Moses

Model Rules of Incorporated Association

Our Partners